Beauty Partner Testimonial | Studio Aberdeen

Beauty Partner Testimonial | Studio Aberdeen

Following the Olympia Beauty Show in October 2021 Sammy McDonald the owner of Studio Aberdeen decided to take Inverness Safe and Gentle ear piercing into her salon, after her daughter experiencing a piercing at the show and being impressed about the system the biggest selling point was having a trainer come to the salon and train all their staff onsite.

Sammy is comfortable with needle training however not all staff members felt the same, bringing Inverness in was the best alternative option, not only does Inverness pierce with a hand pressured instrument but it also uses earrings with a surgical honed point which are as sharp as a needle. Not to mention the large range of metals and styles which are available to pierce both the ear lobe and cartilage. Along with a disposable system for piercing the nose.

As Studio Aberdeen’s new location was close to opening in December Sammy arranged for a launch night to take place offering treatments throughout the salon with Ear piercing on the menu. Expected to have a handful of clients wanting the service, to Sammy and the team’s amazement a long queue formed for ear piercing and ended up being the busiest part of the night.

Sammy MacDonald, Owner:

“Taking Inverness into the salon has been fantastic from the start. The trainer travelled all the way to us to train eight of our team. Our clients have been delighted with the new service and we have pierced over 300 ears so far. The kit provided was a good price, the mark up on the jewellery is good and the selection is fantastic. The support from the brand has been great. We are excited to offer so many exciting safe services”

Katie Wade, Salon Manager:

“I wanted to bring piercing into the salon as we had so many clients asking about it. From experience of wanting to get my daughters ears pierced but not keen on taking her to a tattoo shop scaring her before we even started, I felt other parents may feel the same.  Once Sammy told me about Inverness, I was excited to start. The training was great and ordering stock is very easy too.”

Feb 2022.

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