Ear piercing for men: Which ear should I have pierced?

There are many questions about men’s ear piercing and the main one would be … which is the correct ear for a man to get pierced?

Over the years it was believed more popular for a man to have his left ear pierced rather than his right. So, any guys getting an ear piercing would always check they were following the same trend. Crazy right! But Why? There are so many curations for guys which look good and why not create your own person style?!

Now it’s not just about that one question… left, or right?! It’s; where on my ear should I get pierced? What earring style should I go for? What piercing look do I want?  Take a look at all the celebrities out there and what they have gone for!

David Beckham’s Dual ear lobe piercing

Dual ear lobe piercing

This look has been very popular amongst the celebs from the likes of David Beckham, Justin Timberlake, and Will Smith not to mention Morgan Freeman. If your eager for this look, ask your piercing specialist for a lobe piercing in both ears.


Single Stud lobe piercing

This is still a very popular look for men, take George Ezra, Michael Jordan and Harrison Ford as examples. Decide which ear you would prefer to have pierced and ask your piercing specialist for a single stud lobe piercing.

George Ezra’s single stud piercing

As we know there are many different ear piercing trends and we’ve noticed men are looking for a new look, maybe you fancy a cartilage piercing or double lobe piercing?

cartilate piercing

Cartilage piercing

Last year we discovered John Bishop the Liverpool comedian decided to go for a cartilage (helix) ear piercing joining Shawn Mendes and many more. This piercing is located at the top part of your ear just inside the curl, it’s best to have a chat with your piercing specialist as they can advise the best position


Double lobe piercing

Maybe you fancy having two lobe piercings but not in both ears…try having both piercings in just one ear. Zayn Malik has gone for this look along with Lewis Hamilton and Jonny Depp going for multiple lobe piercings. It’s best to discuss this style in your appointment, the piercing specialist can map out were to best fit your studs depending on your ear lobe and look you’re going for.

double lobe piercing

Earring Styles

As for earring styles you could choose from a large range of studs; maybe a classic clear or distinctive black CZ to start, then move onto a hoop after the healing period. There is no reason you couldn’t mix it up with those double lobe piercings; start with a hoop in your first hole with a plain ball stud in your second.

Have you decided which look you’re going for? Why not go to one of our piercing partners for that new piercing! The Inverness ear piercing system pierces ears in 3 easy steps and because it is a hand pressured instrument it’s safe to pierce cartilage as well.

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