How do I know where to have my ears pierced?

It’s a common question that is shared in groups of friends, at work in the staff room, and even with the store before you have your ears pierced…How do I know where to have my ears pierced?!

Not to worry; you’re in safe hands. Our piercing specialists have been trained to position piercings in the best location to suit your ear. Within your consultation they will share their expertise and listen to your needs.

Maybe you have the perfect spot in mind, been scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram for those curated ear looks, or you just fancy a new piercing and are not sure where to have it.

During your appointment, our piercing specialist will take the below into consideration:

Shape & size of the ear

Everyone’s ears are completely different shapes and sizes. In fact, both our ears are not symmetrical; we call them sisters not twins.

If looking for a cartilage piercing, you may be advised one ear is more suitable: maybe you have more of a prominent curl on one side so the earring will fit better on the other.

Your earlobe may be able to fit 3 to 4 piercings, but that might be too crowded for your ears. After consultation with our piercing specialist, you may decide it’s better to skip the 4th lobe piercing and do the cartilage instead.

We’ve also found a popular piercing style of creating a shape of a triangle in the lobe, but you will need a consultation with our piercing specialist to determine if you have space for this look on your ears.

Your style

As piercings create individual identities, you may ask your piercing specialist to help you create a certain look.

If you’re not sure where to have your ears pierced but know the style you’re looking for, have a chat through your ideas and let them know what your ideal look is.

If you’ve seen your perfect pair of earrings or style in a magazine, bring it to your consultation.

The possibilities are endless, so book in to have your ears pierced with one of our partners and decide where to have your ears pierced to create your new look!

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