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Welcome to our first Blog… Who is Inverness safe and gentle ear piercing UK?

Many of us have questions about ear piercing, would like to share stories and also hear about different experiences, so we have created this platform to make it possible.  As we were excited to launch our blog, we thought there would be no better first post than to introduce who we are and what we do?

Inverness Ear Piercing discussion group

“I love sharing my Inverness knowledge but most of all hearing experiences and stories from others”

Goodman Bros is a family owned distribution business who specialise in jewellery services and solutions, supplying retailers all over Europe. The family owned business dates back to 1909, with extensive expertise in both retail and wholesale. In September 2019 Inverness were pleased to announce a new partnership with Goodman Bros to distribute Inverness ear piercing to the Jewellery retailers throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Inverness is the World’s Safest & Gentlest Ear Piercing System* which has been around for over 45 years and I am proud to say I have been apart of that story for the last 11.  I have been actively engaged in the piercing industry for more than 12 years, originally qualified as a Beauty Therapist and hold an AET (Award in Education and Training) certification.

Over the past 11 years I have worked with Inverness closely from marketing, sales and also trained hundreds of students to pierce ears with the Inverness system. As the Inverness Brand and Training manager for Goodman Bros I work closely with the jewellery sector to help create positive brand and product awareness.  In my many years of experience in the industry it has enabled me to provide businesses the comprehensive support needed to launch a successful ear piercing service. I love sharing my Inverness knowledge but most of all hearing experiences and stories from others, its never too late to learn sometime new.

Over the series of this blog I will be happy to share the Inverness world with you, there are many people I would like to introduce you to from our team here in the UK to our friends across the pond and not to mention our piercing partners. Why not keep an eye out for our future posts to appear!

Warmest Regards
Rebecca Thorn
Inverness UK

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*The World's Safest & Gentlest Ear Piercing System