Looking for a new ear piercing?.. What to think about

So, you have decided to go for a new look and add a new piercing to your ear. Maybe you’ve decided to go for the traditional first set of lobe piercings or you.re going for a 2nd/3rd piercing?! There’s no right or wrong answer to that question but the below steps will help guide you to doing it the safe way.

Pick your location

We work hard with all our partners to make sure they are fully trained and set up to pierce ears professionally and safely. When looking for a location, make sure they are using the Inverness Safe and Gentle ear piercing system. Inverness pierces ears with a quiet, hand pressured system in just 3 easy steps.

Be organised

There has been a lot of changes over the last few months so to give customers the best experience possible our partners may be working on appointments only. Once you have chosen your location get in contact with the store and book to avoid any disappointment.

On the day

The exciting date has come and you’re ready for your new piercing, but you might still be unsure of where to have it. Our piercing experts are there to help, you can always have a chat in your consultation and find the best position for you or work with them, let them know the exact stop your thinking.

What next?

After your ear has been pierced, you will need to care for your new piercing: this could be 6 or 12 weeks depending on the location of the ear. There are vital steps to make sure your piercing heals properly. Your piercing expert will provide you with verbal and written instructions plus a bottle of the Inverness ear care solution.

Make sure you follow the steps each day, and do not touch your new piercing with dirty hands.


At the end of your healing period you will want to celebrate by changing your earrings and why not! Just remember to always wear an earring for up to 6 months 24/7 as your hole may close. It’s also best to avoid heavy earrings for this time as well.

Thinking about that new piercing already?! Why not use our ‘piercing near me’ tool to find a location and get booked in!

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