Really want your ears pierced… but wondering if it will hurt?!

Are you looking to have your ears pierced, but worried it will be a painful experience? Then look no further. Inverness will help you combat those worries.

Working in the industry for over 12 years, I have heard lots of horror stories how people had pierced their friends’ ears and even their own using all sorts of methods, but the one that comes up the most would be the spring loaded gun: how much it’s made them jump and how painful it was, I’m sure you have heard these stories too.

Well I can confirm they are correct! But not with Inverness who have produced a hand-pressure system that is safe and gentle! Not only is it quiet to stop you jumping from the noise, but it’s also a gentle way to have your ear pierced. In most cases people have reported they feel no discomfort at all when pierced with the Inverness System and it’s down to 3 features:

    1. 1. Unlike loud piercing guns that shoot a spring-loaded piercing earring through the tissue, the Inverness hand-pressured instrument is quiet.


    1. 2. The Inverness system will pierce your ears and attach the exclusive Safety Back™ in one quick, smooth motion.


  1. 3. Inverness piercing earrings are specially designed with ultra-thin piercing posts & a finely honed piercing tip to help the earrings glide through the lobe as easily as possible.

There may be lots of questions you have so these answers might help:

What if I feel unwell when I have my ears pierced?

Some people can feel a little unwell once they have had a piercing but, in most cases, this is because they have not eaten or had a drink before. Our advice would be to have something to eat and keep your fluids up, but not to worry if you do feel unwell the piercing specialist will be there to make you feel comfortable and even bring you some water if needed. Why not take a bottle of water along with you or even something sweet?

How do I know where to have my ears pierced?

Not to worry. Our piercing specialists have been trained to position piercings in the best location to suit your ear. Within your consultation they will share their expertise and listen to your needs.

I’m not sure if I will want the other ear pierced if the first one is uncomfortable?

Being pierced with the Inverness system is nice and simple, but if this is a big worry have a chat with your piercing specialist in advance or in your appointment and they might be able to work with another member of their team to pierce your ears at the same time.

If you’re feeling unsure or would like some advice from one of our piercing partners to help you feel more at ease, why not use our ‘Piercing near me’ tool to find your closest location.

Or you’re more than welcome to contact our Inverness team direct!

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