Where and when should you get your children’s’ ears pierced?

Knowing where and when to get your children’s ears pierced can be a little daunting but not to worry, we have some top tips to share with you.

Choosing your location and where to go?

We believe that a first piercing is a rite of passage, a special moment that should be celebrated and shared, so all our Partners are trained and set up to create that special moment for you.

If you’re a little nervous, our Partners will happily talk you through the steps of the ear piercing, how to look after your children’s ears once pierced, and create an exciting environment for your little one’s special moment.

The Inverness piercing system is hand pressured and gentle; it also pierces ears with earrings that have a surgical honed point which is less painful and safe to pierce your little one’s ear lobes.

A common issue with newly pierced ears can be the butterfly back. Children tend to squeeze the earring back too tight to the ear causing them to embed into the back of the lobe. However, Inverness have designed an Exclusive Safety Back that cannot be squeezed too tight, creates optimum air flow for the healing period and protects the sharp tip of the earrings from digging into the back of the neck. It is also a lot easier to clean.

No matter what your budget Inverness have a wide range of metals and styles of earrings to choose from.

Our care doesn’t stop there. Inverness ear care solution comes in a little bottle for easy use. It does not contain alcohol so will not sting, dry, or chap your child’s ears but help to keep them clean daily, following the ear piercing. It is not tested on animals and vegan friendly.

When should you have your child’s ears pierced?

The summer months are upon us and schools out; a perfect time to get your children’s ears pierced!  It’s a great time to let their newly pierced ears heal over the school holidays and to keep an eye on the cleaning routine.

There’s no reason to miss out on those summer activities either; our Partners will provide you with details of the healing period and a list of healing tips… they can even go swimming with their newly pierced ears. We just advise after swimming their ears should be cleaned with the Inverness ear care solution.

Why not make a day of it, get dressed up; maybe go for a hot chocolate or ice cream and create a special day never to forget. Who knows you may even decide to have a piercing yourself?

Picture time?!  Don’t forget your camera, take a photo while you’re in the store, outside to capture the special moment and of course a selfie to cherish that special day! Why not share the moment #myinvernesspiercing

Drop your postcode into our store locator and find your nearest Inverness partner, if you have a certain date in mind, book the appointment in ready for the excitement to start.

Find your local store, piercing near me.

Happy Piercing!!
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